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Peter Aversten Showreel | Lead texture artist |2018

Peter Aversten Showreel | Lead texture artist |2018

Peter Aversten | Showreel | Lead Texture Artist | 2018 Below is a breakdown of some of the feature film projects I have worked on in London and Sweden presented in release date order. The focus is as Lead Texture Artist however I also have...

Mari in Five minutes | Gizmo at Meshmen

Mari in Five minutes | Gizmo at Meshmen

Meshmen | Mari in five Meshmen studio and The Mari channel brings you a mari in five minutes mini tutorial on the topic how you can package and re use common used nodes into so called Gizmos. By saving you gizmos in a user location you can later re-use...

Meshmen Live Mari Sessions

Meshmen Live Mari Sessions

Meshmen Live At I have started to produce Live broadcasts. At the moment there is Mari Live streams  and they will lead up to a offline in depth Mari Node graph tutorial. Similar to the Introduction to Mari 3 series I have been producing for The Mari...

Bullets Included RIS

Bullets Included RIS Bullets included RIS now updated for renderman 20 and featuring the holdout system. Head over to Pixar community site for all chapters Bullets included RIS

Renderman university

Renderman university Im writing a BTS / Tutorial about the shading in my short bullets included for Pixar Renderman University. I will shout when its ready and published   a new update on the mari channel

The Mari channel will at this stage from my side concentrate on a asset that will be featured in an upcoming short that I'm working on. More on that later. Right now I will focus on lookdev and setup in Mari  Also it would be nice if other Mari users around the world...

The Mari Channel

I just created a new channel on Vimeo Called the Mari Channel. It will deal with all things related to mari workflows and Behind the Scenes inside mari and lookdev workflows. Maybe other artists using mari will find it and contribute. Lets hope so 🙂  

Sooo cute and it walks

You just got to love these walking teapots that Pixar produce for their Renderman promotion. Here is one of  mine and it got the number 330 out of 500. Thanks Pixar

The Titan and I

Today I bought a new computer with the brand new titan graphics card in it. Hope Mari will perform good under the 6gig of memory it got under its hood. I will give you a rundown when I got it and a copy of Mari installed. I got to take a deep look into the corners of...


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