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Meshmen studio and The Mari channel brings you a mari in five minutes mini tutorial on the topic how you can package and re use common used nodes into so called Gizmos. By saving you gizmos in a user location you can later re-use when you need them without the need to recreate the network from scratch. This can potentially be a time saver. In the tutorial i bring you through a quick demonstration on how to make your own procedural dirt tool. The tool is utilizing tiled dirt textures and baked occlusion and curvature.

About the blog

Meshmen studio is my online blog since mid 1995 when my friend Fredrik Fogelqvist and myself started to write for the digital magazine Mac Art & Design. We had a column called The Meshmen. We examined 3d and computer arts at the time. Later on I entered a career in VFX and now the blog is about supporting the VFX community with learning material, news and reviews. Make sure to check it out.

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