Man Fron U.N.C.L.E

Texture Artist : Cinesite


Senior Texture artist : Cinesite

Xmen Days of future past

Texture artist / generalist : Cinesite


Sr Texture artist / shot lighting : Cinesite

Fantastic Beast

Lead texture artist : Cinesite

Peter Aversten
Lead Texture Artist

Lead texture artist comming from the cold and beautiful Sweden. Now located in the heart of Soho London where all things VFX happen. Currently working for MPC as Lead texture artist.

Im also helping out the VFX industry with my tutorials around VFX, texturing and lookdev in my blog

  • Lead Texture Artist 100% 100%
  • Mari Texturing 90% 90%
  • Renderman Lookdev 75% 75%
  • VFX Photography 45% 45%
  • 60% 60%
  • Online tutorials 55% 55%


I’ve worked with Peter for five years and have seen him grow artistically and technically. Together with Peter we’ve introduced new workflows and applications at Fido, with focus on lookdev, lighting and rendering. Peter has been paramount in setting up our lookdev pipeline using Mari, our lighting pipeline using Katana and refining our rendering pipeline using Renderman. On top of that, he’s a great photographer. Highly recommended.

Fredrik Limsäter

CEO & Founder, Ftrack

Peter has been a fantastic person to work with for the past six years. He has a great knowledge of Mari, Renderman Maya,and Katana and countless other programs, as well as a keen artistic and technical eye.
He has skills in many different areas of production and is equally as capable of taking on entire projects by himself as he is working seamlessly and effortlessly with a team of artists in bigger productions.
He has been, without doubt, an invaluable asset to Fido’s workforce!

Cameron Scott

VFX Supervisor , Goodbye Kansas

Peter was one of the best hires I took on while at Cinesite. He’s a very creative artist with exceptional technical skills. He worked successfully on many shows, sometimes simultaneously as a texture artist and lighting TD. He provided quick results and promoted new technologies and training. A friendly team player he is very much recommended and I hope we work together again in the future.

James Stone

Lead Modeler, Framestore

Peter ways to inspire and find creative solutions makes him a true artist. He is inspiring in his way too lead his team of people and he always surprises you for the better, and that knowledge makes me relax and I can put full focus my work.

Nådde Hanson

Director, Flodellfilm

I consider Peter a friend and I also had the privilege to work with him side by side in many projects. His knowledge and technical skills makes him a great person to have on your team. Peter is also an artist with the confidents to take on a project from its initial state to completion with ease. This makes him a valuable asset to VFX companies that are looking for real talent with years of experience.
I highly recommend Peter as a person and as a technical wizard.

Andres Rosas Hott

Director/Creative Director, Happycamper

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