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5:06 pm

Bullets Included RIS

Bullets included RIS now updated for renderman 20 and featuring the holdout system. Head over…

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2:27 am

Bullets included Pixar

The bullets included short for the mari channel is now up as a behind the…

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5:50 pm

Bullets included, a short i did for my blog, the mari channel…

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1:11 am

2013 Reel

My new showreel, enjoy


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7:20 pm

Sylvester Kong
Sylvester King Kong
in 2006 when working at forsberg & Co, Patrik one of the directors…

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9:37 pm

Katana BTS

A short rundown of my old testscene that i painted in mari. I now brought…

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8:29 am

Kick Ass BTS

This production was a tight crew getting hands dirty right before Christmas break at Fido.…

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8:25 pm

Flying monsters 3d

Flying monsters 3d

This was my and fidos first stereo production as well as the first…

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4:41 pm

Let the right one in

Let the right one in

My first project when starting to work at Fido in 2007…

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4:11 pm

Underworld 4 BTS

Underworld awakening BTS

A slights sense of dèjá vu came to me when starting to work…

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