Peter Aversten

Mari expert and Light TD

VFX Artist


I am a 3D VFX Artist with over 22 years professional experience in the creative industry, 14 of which were spent
modelling, sculpting, UVing and texturing characters, props, vehicles and environments for feature films and commercials. My expertise as a Generalist lies within within texturing , look development and lighting.

I'm also dedicated to the VFX community producing tutorials about texturing and look development for my blog The Mari Channel. Content is also featured as learning material within the Pixar Renderman community.

Before working in the film industry I worked as a professional retouch artist with focus on high end image manipulation but felt that I wanted to see my creations move on to the silver screen.

In 2006 I was awarded a ROY award for best animation and visual effects for the commercial KONG for the community web site Sylvester.

I'm a Mari beta tester since 2009

Current Employer
  • Cinesite VFX, London

  • Texturing and Lookdev

  • Light TD

Peter was one of the best hires I took on while at Cinesite. He's a very creative artist with exceptional technical skills. He worked successfully on many shows, sometimes simultaneously as a texture artist and lighting TD. He provided quick results and promoted new technologies and training. A friendly team player he is very much recommended and I hope we work together again in the future
James Stone / Head of Assets Cinesite
I’ve worked with Peter for five years and have seen him grow artistically and technically. Together with Peter we’ve introduced new workflows and applications at Fido, with focus on lookdev, lighting and rendering. Peter has been paramount in setting up our lookdev pipeline using Mari, our lighting pipeline using Katana and refining our rendering pipeline using Renderman. On top of that, he’s a great photographer. Highly recommended
Fredrik Limsäter - CEO & Founder at ftrack


2015 Texture and Light Showreel

My Services


VFX artist, texture artist "Mari expert" and lighting TD.


Full featured Mari computer and Photoscan Software

On set Photo

Wide range of Photographic equipment. HDR rig and Portable studio lights for texture reference


Suporting the texture and Look development community with online education through my blog The Mari Channel

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Full List of My Services
  • Mari

  • Renderman

  • Arnold

  • Maya

  • Photoshop

  • AutoPannoGigga

  • Agisoft Photoscan

  • Texturing

  • Look development

  • Lighting

  • Modeling

  • Uv

  • Photography

  • Animation

  • On set Supervision

  • HDR aquire

On Set
  • Highres HDR capture

  • Texture Photography

  • Photoscan Photo

  • Reference Photo

Beta Tester
  • Mari

  • Renderman

To render is a way to enrich your day
Peter Aversten

Projects and BTS

Enjoy some of the projects I have been involved in at different studios
Hercules BTS

Client:Cinesite VFX

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San Andreas BTS


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Client:Various Clients

Under world awakening BTS


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National History Museum Alive


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Bullets Included

Client:The Mari Channel

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I consider Peter a friend and I also had the privilege to work with him side by side in many projects. His knowledge and technical skills makes him a great person to have on your team. Peter is also an artist with the confidents to take on a project from its initial state to completion with ease. This makes him a valuable asset to VFX companies that are looking for real talent with years of experience. I highly recommend Peter as a person and as a technical wizard
Andrés Rosas Hott - Director/Creative Director at Happycamper


if something interesting comes up on the horizon, this is the place i will put it in writing.


5:06 pm

Bullets Included RIS

https://vimeo.com/135184349 Bullets included RIS now updated for renderman 20 and featuring the holdout system. Head over…

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3:15 pm

Renderman university

https://vimeo.com/64663512 Im writing a BTS / Tutorial about the shading in my short bullets included for…

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Peter has a great understanding and interest in new techniques and is always on the lookout for new cutting edge software to make the job more efficient and to get better results. He has a great eye for details and is a fantastic artist. He is versatile and has a broad knowledge of all aspects of creating visual effects in 3D, from animation to lighting. And he is also a great photographer!
Staffan Linder - VFX & Animation Supervisor at Fido Film