Lead Texture

Block buster movies and more

Editor in Chief

Meshmen and The Mari Channel blog

Peter Aversten
Lead Texture Artist

Editor in Chief

Lead Texture artist

Mari have always been a passion and texturing in particular is close to my heart. Worked on a numner of international movies for 15 years and counting

Look development

Renderman Look development in Maya and Katana. Texturing  and look development is so closely related and I do both


Meshmen and The Mari channel VFX blog . Tutorials news and Gear reviews from the Visual Effects community

Editor in Chief

Blogging and producing articles for meshmen but also contributing to the Renderman community and other VFX related communities

Latest Showreel

Enjoy the latest Showreel from various movies and companies I worked with.

What I do

Texturing and Look development in Mari maya and Katana using Renderman as primary renderer of choice, Leading the texture task

On set texture HDR and texture photography, Have a deep knowleadge in photography for VFX

Education: I have always been producing learning material and articles for my own blog and held on site courses in photo retouch and Texturing within VFX

  • Lead texture Artist 95% 95%
  • On set HDR and texture photo 66% 66%
  • Editor in Chief | Meshmen.com 50% 50%


Check out some of the awsesome companies I have worked for or contributed with articles to

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